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Welcome to Artisan Hat! We are a brand specializing in crafting luxury Panama hats, handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail. We stand out for our blend of artisanal tradition and contemporary elegance, offering unique designs that reflect Ecuador's rich cultural heritage.

At Artisan Hat, we strive to provide an exceptional experience to our customers, from the quality of our materials to the impeccable craftsmanship of each hat. We take pride in working closely with local artisan communities, promoting social responsibility and sustainable development at every step of our production process.

Our commitment to excellence and authenticity drives us to be leaders in the luxury Panama hat industry, while maintaining a conscious focus on the positive impact we make in our communities and the environment.

Join us on our journey towards timeless elegance and commitment to sustainability. At Artisan Hat, each hat is a unique masterpiece that tells a story of craftsmanship, beauty, and social responsibility.


At Artisan Hat, our mission is to blend artisanal tradition with modern innovation to craft luxury handmade Panama hats. We are committed to upholding excellence in every detail of our products, thus preserving the authenticity and cultural heritage of Ecuador. Through our work, we aim not only to lead the luxury hat industry but also to act as agents of positive change in our local communities, promoting social responsibility and sustainable development.


Our vision at Artisan Hat is to become a globally recognized brand, an icon of elegance and distinction in the luxury Panama hat industry. We strive to be acknowledged not only for the exceptional quality of our products but also for our commitment to social responsibility and environmental sustainability. We aspire to be a beacon of artisanal excellence and a catalyst for the empowerment of local artisan communities in Ecuador. With an eye towards the future, we seek to inspire others through our passion for beauty, quality, and social responsibility in every hat we create.


Daniel Villa

Director Ejecutivo (CEO)


I come from a humble family, with many economic limitations, since I was a little boy my parents taught me to work hard in the field. My father was a truck driver, so he was always traveling a lot, to bring money home and so at certain times I had to take on the role of the man of the house. My mother, on the other hand, has always been a farmer and artisan, during the day she worked in the fields and in the afternoon she wove handicrafts. 

Working in the field is not easy and I have witnessed the low income that a craftsman receives for her work despite the excellent finished product. My mother ordered me to sell or deliver her products, but the buyers always put some excuse like , "the economy is bad", "the product is defective", "I have a lot of inventory", and more excuses in order to lower the price.

From there I understood that artisan work was not recognized or valued, but what I did understand is that each craft is unique and unrepeatable and that gives it an incomparable value; On the other hand, I started studying marketing and computer science at two different schools and worked at the same time. 

After that I was able to enter the university and train in the financial and business area, during this time I met who I consider my best friend (Rodrigo), with him we shared similar ideals and one day I proposed him to start a company in Ecuador, our purpose would be produce and sell a handmade product and recognize craftsmanship, for this we opened a branch in one of the most economically powerful countries (USA), to show the world the most wonderful handmade products, one of them, the iconic " Toquilla Straw Hat" or also known as "Panama Hat" that is proudly made in Ecuador. To our luck, we met another person (Wilson) passionate about the same thing and we decided to add him to our team, today he has also become one of my best friends.


Our Brands

The word LISAN comes from the Kichwa language, which means “Toquilla Straw”. Kichwa is one of the 14 ancestral languages ​​spoken in our country, and is recognized in the Ecuadorian Constitution, along with Spanish and Shuar, as the official language of intercultural relations.

That is why our brand together with our logo represents the history and culture of our people.

Our logo is based on the beginning of a hat. To weave a hat, the first thing to do is to intertwine the straws with each other until they form a star.


Toquilla Straw